Could a New, Small Jeep Crossover Be Coming Soon?

Smaller vehicles made specifically for urban driving have been popping up from automakers across the board. The crossover market has seen an impressive boom lately across the US and worldwide. It raises the question if the Jeep brand, known for its large off-roading presence, should follow this same route.

Edmunds recently reported that an unnamed new, small crossover will be entering showrooms next year. The Jeep vehicle will be manufactured in Italy and marketed around the globe. The new model will be shorter than the soon-to-be-released 2014 Jeep Cherokee and built on the FIAT platform with front-wheel drive.

Mike Manley, Jeep brand CEO explains his desires for the project, stating, "The weight of that market today is outside North America, predominately Europe. It is growing in China. I think when we launch our SUV here, you are going to see quite significant growth in that segment in the U.S."1

Globally, the CUV will compete with the recently launched Ford Fiesta-based EcoSport vehicle that's been having success in the Indian market. The new Jeep vehicle will likely offer the same utility as their traditional SUVs in a more compact package. In addition, the latest stringent CAFE standards are putting pressure on auto companies to produce smaller and more efficient models and this could be more efficient than other options.

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