Travis Pastrana Talks About Driving the Dodge Dart Racer

Those who stop in to Krueger Auto & Truck Villa and get a look at the Dodge Dart can see that the vehicle boasts loads of appeal. It starts from the moment you look at it, to when you're cruising the streets with its zippy engine and overall fun to drive platform. So, you can imagine that experience is enhanced with the RallyCross edition of the car driven by Travis Pastrana. Recently, we got to see, and hear how exciting that is, too.

On Motor Trend's web series J-Turn, Pastrana lets cameras inside while he drifts, drags, and takes corners at high speeds on a closed course. It certainly shows that this modified Dart is capable of just as much fun as the ones in our Waverly, IA showroom, and much more at the hands of an expert driver. We could watch him in action for days.

What was also interesting to hear was Pastrana's insights on his transition from riding motorcycles to rally cars. He talked about having to be aware of the balance between him, the shifter, brakes, steering wheel, and how the chassis of the vehicle handles the movements he makes. Of course, that gives him a greater connection with the Dart, and those who try out all new Dodge models we have here will feel the same way.

Also, personal preference is key. Pastrana likes his Dart set up a certain way, one that differs from his teammate, Bryce Menzies. It reminded us of all the different trims on the compact car you can choose from, finding the right style that fits your needs.

To learn more, stop in and see us today. We'd be happy to continue the conversation, as well as answer any questions you might have, and set up test drives.

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